Adds an SNAT entry to an SNAT table.

Each SNAT entry consists of a SourceVSwitchId and a SnatIp. After an SNAT entry is added, ECS instances under the specified VSwitch can access the Internet using the public IP (SnatIp).

Before you call this action, note the following:

  • The VSwitch specified in the SNAT entry must belong to the same VPC as the NAT Gateway.

  • Each VSwitch can only be added with one SNAT entry.

  • An SNAT entry cannot be added if there is a HaVip instance under the specified VSwitch.

  • The public IP (SnatIp) address in the SNAT entry must meet the following requirements:
    • If your account has a NAT bandwidth package before January 26, 2018, the SnatIp must be a public IP address in the NAT bandwidth package of the NAT Gateway.
    • If your account does not have a NAT bandwidth package before January 26, 2018, the SnatIp must be an EIP attached to the NAT Gateway.
    • A public IP address cannot be used by a DNAT entry and an SNAT entry at the same time.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
Action String Yes CreateSnatEntry

The name of this action. Value:


RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The region to which the NAT Gateway belongs.

To query the region ID, call DescribeRegions.

SnatIp String Yes 47.XXX.XXX.98 The public IP address. Separate multiple EIPs with commas.
SnatTableId String Yes stb-bp190wu8io1vgevxxxxxx

The ID of the SNAT table.

SnatEntryName String No SnatEntry-1

The name of the SNAT entry to be created. The name must be 2 to 128 characters in length and start with a letter or a Chinese character. The name cannot start withhttp:// or https://.

SourceCIDR String No

The CIDR block of the VSwitch. Example value:

Note This parameter and the SourceVSwtichId parameter cannot be used at the same time. If you have specified the SourceVSwitchId parameter, you cannot specify the SourceCIDR parameter. If you have specified the SourceCIDR parameter, you cannot specify the SourceVSwitchId parameter.
SourceVSwitchId String No vsw-bp1nhx2s9ui5oxxxxxxxx

The ID of the VSwitch to access the Internet.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
SnatEntryId String snat-kmd6nv8fyxxxxxxxx The ID of the SNAT entry.
RequestId String 2315DEB7-5E92-423A-91F7-4C1EC9AD97C3 The ID of the request.


Request example
Response example
  • XML format

  • JSON format


Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
404 InvalidRegionId.NotFound The specified RegionId does not exist in our records. The specified region ID does not exist.
404 InvalidSnatTableId.NotFound Specified SNAT table does not exist. The specified SNAT table does not exist.
400 Forbidden.SourceVSwitchId.IncludeHaVip There is some HaVips under specified VSwitch One or more HAVIPs are already under the specified VSwitch.
400 InvalidSnatIp.Malformed The specified SnatIp is not a valid IP address. The specified SNAT IP address is invalid.
400 SNAT_IP_POOL_COUNT_TOO_MANY The Snat pool ip too many. The quota for IP addresses in the SNAT IP address pool has been reached.
400 Forbidden.SnatEntryCountLimited SNAT entry in the specified SNAT table reach it?s limit. The quota for SNAT entries has been reached.
400 NOT_ALLOW_USE_SOURCECIDR The User not in nat_scope_unlimited white list. Cannot use SourceCidr param. The specified intranet IP address does not belong to the CIDR block of the VPC.
404 InvalidVSwitchId.NotFound The specified virtual switch does not exists. The specified VSwitch does not exist.
400 INVALID_PARAMETER The parameter invalid. The parameter is invalid.
400 Forbidden.SourceVSwitchId.Duplicated The specified SourceCIDRis duplicated. An SNAT rule has already been configured for this VSwitch.
404 InvalidSnatIp.NotFound Specified SnatIp does not found on the NAT Gateway The specified public IP address cannot be found in the NAT Gateway.
400 Forbidden.IpUsedInForwardTable The specified SnatIp already used in forward table This public IP address is being used by a DNAT rule. Select a different IP address or delete the DNAT rule that uses this IP address.
400 Forbindden The specified Instance already bind eip An EIP is already associated with this ECS instance. Disassociate the EIP from the ECS instance first and then add the forwarding rule.
400 InvalidParameter.Name.Malformed The specified Name is not valid. The specified name is invalid. Enter a valid name and try again.

See common error codes.