This topic describes how to configure a Shell job.


A project is created. For more information, see Manage projects.

Background information

Notice By default, you can run Shell scripts as a Hadoop user. To run the scripts as the root user, you can use the sudo command.


  1. Log on to the E-MapReduce console by using an Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Click the Data Platform tab.
  3. In the Projects section, click Edit Job in the Actions column of the target project.
  4. Right-click the folder where you want to create a job, and select Create Job.
    Note You can also right-click the folder to create a subfolder, rename the folder, or delete the folder.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, set the Name and Description parameters, and select Shell from the Job Type drop-down list.
    This option indicates that a Bash Shell job will be created.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Specify the command line arguments required to submit the job in the Content field.


    echo "hello world, $DD"
  8. Click Save.