Data security and user privacy are the top priorities of Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud is committed to building a public, open, and secure cloud computing service platform. Alibaba Cloud aims to turn cloud computing into a state-of-the-art computing infrastructure by investing heavily in technical innovation to continually improve the computing capabilities and economies of scale of its services.

Alibaba Cloud strives to provide customers with consistent, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing services, helping customers ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and data.

This white paper introduces the public cloud security system of Alibaba Cloud, specifically for Alibaba Cloud's security capabilities and offerings for regions outside of Mainland China, and is divided into the following parts:
  • Shared security responsibilities
  • Security compliance and privacy
  • Alibaba Cloud infrastructure
  • Alibaba Cloud security architecture
  • Security capabilities provided by Alibaba Cloud products
  • Security services provided by Alibaba Cloud Security
  • Alibaba Cloud data security system

You can click Alibaba Cloud Security White Paper (April 2020) to download the White Paper.