Security Center Advanced and Enterprise Edition provide comprehensive security monitoring and diagnosis services for your assets on the cloud. You can purchase Advanced and Enterprise Edition by Subscription.

Background information

Before you start, refer to Features to check the features provided by different Editions.


  1. Log on to your Alibaba Cloud account, and go to the Security Center purchase page.
  2. Configure your required Security Center.

    • Protected Assets: The number of assets (ECS instances and external servers) needs to be protected by Security Center. By default, the purchase page displays the number of ECS instances you have. You cannot specify a number that is less than the default number.
      Note If you predict that your number of servers may increase within the validity period of your subscription, specify the predicted number of servers you will need Security Center to protect in your total number of assets.
    • Edition: Advanced Edition is selected by default. For more information on the differences between Advanced Edition and Enterprise Edition, refer to Security Center features.
    • Log Analysis: Log Analysis is the value-added service of Security Center. Backtracing and security analysis are provided for ten types of security logs, such as server logs and network logs.
    • Web Guard: Web Guard is the value-added service of Security Center. It can ensure your website is not maliciously tampered with illegal information, such as terrorist threats, gambling, etc.
  3. Select a Duration and select Auto-renew if you want to enable automatic renewal.
    • The minimum subscription duration is determined by the number of assets you want to protect:
      • If you have less than 10 assets, you must purchase at least a six-month subscription.
      • If you have more than 10 assets, you must purchase at least a one-month subscription.
    • If you enable Auto-renew, the automatic renewal cycle is aligned with the validity duration of your subscription. For example, if your subscription is monthly, the automatic renewal cycle is one month. If your subscription is yearly, the automatic renewal cycle is one year.
  4. Click Buy Now and complete payment.