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View and set time zone in ApsaraDB for RDS

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017

View time zone

Modify time zone

View time zone

To view time zone in ApsaraDB for RDS, run the following SQL statement:

  1. show global variables like ‘%time_zone%’;

view timezone

Modify time zone

You can modify the time zone on RDS console. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Log on to RDS console.

  2. Select the region where the target instance is located.

  3. Click the ID of the target instance to enter the Basic Information page.

  4. In the left-side navigation bar, select Parameters to enter the Parameters page.

  5. Select the Modifiable Parameters tab page.

  6. Modify the value of default_time_zone, as shown in the following figure.

    Note: The parameter default_time_zone supports some of the time zones that are offset by 30 minutes, such as +5:30.

    Set time zone value