Anti-DDoS Pro uses a hybrid billing method.

Billing description

Billing type: Mixed

Unit: USD

Billing item: Basic protection and Elastic protection

Payment option: Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go

Billing cycle: Basic protection bandwidth (Unit: Gbps) and HTTP Flood protection capacity (Unit: QPS) are charged either monthly or yearly. A subscription bill is generated at purchase.

Settlement cycle: Elastic protection bandwidth (Unit: Gbps) and HTTP flood protection capacity (Unit: QPS) are charged daily. A Pay-As-You-Go bill is generated based on the actual attack peak that exceeds the basic DDoS protection capacity or HTTP flood protection capacity (only the larger billing range is counted) on the day before.

Expiry description

  • You are sent reminder text messages/e-mails to renew your service seven days, three days, and one day before your upcoming expiry service.
  • If you fail to renew the service after its expiry, the Anti-DDoS Pro service will be restored to the Anti-DDoS Basic protection capability.
  • Your Anti-DDoS Pro configurations are retained for seven days after your service expires. If you renew the service within seven days, the protection continues without interruption. However, if the service is not renewed during this seven days grace period, your previous Anti-DDoS Pro IP gets auto released and the previous service configurations becomes unavailable.

Overdue instructions

  • You receive inner-site notifications, three days before your Anti-DDoS Pro instance service expiration. You must renew your subscription. The Anti-DDoS Pro instance is disabled, if it is not renewed before its expiry. Moreover, the Anti-DDoS protection is restored to the default while having 5 GB capability offered for free.
  • When your protection service expires, Anti-DDoS Pro saves your configuration for additional seven days. If the service is renewed within these seven days, the Anti-DDoS Pro protection continues. Otherwise, the IP address of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance is released and the service becomes unavailable.


Basic protection (monthly subscription)
Note HTTP flood protection capacity is the protection capacity against HTTP flood attacks. If your normal business consumes a large number of QPS, choose an appropriate package accordingly.
DDoS protection capacity HTTP flood protection capacity China Telecom + China Unicom (USD/Month) China Telecom + China Unicom + China Mobile (USD/Month)
5 Gbps 15,000 QPS 600 -
10 Gbps 30,000 QPS 1,310 -
20 Gbps 60,000 QPS 2,490 2,956
30 Gbps 100,000 QPS 3,970 4,686
40 Gbps 130,000 QPS 6,920 7,988
50 Gbps 160,000 QPS 9,880 11,290
100 Gbps 300,000 QPS 29,100 32,516
150 Gbps 450,000 QPS 36,490 41,164
200 Gbps 600,000 QPS 42,410 48,239
300 Gbps 1,000,000 QPS - Discount Price: 62,580 Per Year
> 300 Gbps > 1,000,000 QPS Contact sales
Elastic protection (daily Pay-As-You-Go)
DDoS attack peak HTTP flood attack peak China Telecom + China Unicom (USD/Day) China Telecom + China Unicom + China Mobile (USD/Day)
Attack peak≤20 Gb Attack peak≤60,000 QPS Covered by monthly basic protection package
20 Gb<Attack peak≤30 Gb 60,000 QPS<Attack peak≤100,000 QPS 270 270
30 Gb<Attack peak≤40 Gb 100,000 QPS<Attack peak≤130,000 QPS 470 470
40 Gb<Attack peak≤50 Gb 130,000 QPS<Attack peak≤160,000 QPS 660 660
50 Gb<Attack peak≤60 Gb 160,000 QPS<Attack peak≤200,000 QPS 860 860
60 Gb<Attack peak≤70 Gb 200,000 QPS<Attack peak≤230,000 QPS 1,350 1,350
70 Gb<Attack peak≤ 80Gb 230,000 QPS<Attack peak≤260,000QPS 1,650 1,650
80Gb<Attack peak≤100Gb 260,000QPS<Attack peak≤300,000 QPS 1,940 1,940
100 Gb<Attack peak≤150 Gb 300,000 QPS<Attack peak≤450,000 QPS 2,440 2,440
150 Gb<Attack peak≤200 Gb 450,000 QPS<Attack peak≤600,000 QPS 2,830 2,830
200 Gb<Attack peak≤300 Gb 600,000 QPS<Attack peak≤1,000,000 QPS 3,900 3,900
300 Gb<Attack peak≤400 Gb 1,000,000 QPS<Attack peak≤1,500,000 QPS 6,300 6,300
400 Gb<Attack peak≤500 Gb 1,500,000 QPS<Attack peak≤2,000,000 QPS 7,900 7,900
500 Gb<Attack peak≤600 Gb 2,000,000 QPS<Attack peak≤2,500,000 QPS 9,500 9,500
  • Daily Pay-As-You-Go pricing of elastic protection is calculated for each individual Anti-DDoS Pro instance that has the elastic protection capacity enabled. If more than one Anti-DDoS Pro instances are attacked, then all the affected instances are charged.
  • Elastic protection payment is calculated based on the actual attack peak that exceeds the basic DDoS protection capacity or HTTP flood protection capacity (only the larger billing range is counted) one day before.
  • If you do not want to enable elastic protection, set the elastic protection bandwidth to the same as the basic protection bandwidth. After this action, Anti-DDoS Pro instance will no longer have the elastic protection capacity.
Specification Limit Description
Bandwidth 100 Mbps/instance Bandwidth consumed by normal business traffic in non-DDoS attack status.
QPS (For web service) 3,000 QPS/instance QPS consumed by normal business request in non-DDoS attack status.
Forwarding port volume 50/IP address Number of entries supported by TCP/UDP forwarding.
Protected domain volume 50/IP address Number of entries supported by HTTP/HTTPS forwarding. Wildcard domain name forwarding is supported and only occupies one forwarding entry.
Number of servers protected 20 servers/instance The total number of different IP addresses configurable for four-layer and seven-layer configuration.
New connection volume 50,000/VIP The number of new connections for single VIP.
Concurrent connection 200,000/VIP The number of concurrent connections for single VIP.
  • If you use an Alibaba Cloud web server, you can enjoy a maximum of business bandwidth of 200 Mbps.
  • The bandwidth limits applies to both IN and OUT directions.
  • The preceding plans are only available online. To meet the growing demands of your business, you can Contact sales for a customized solution.

Renew and upgrade service

You can renew or upgrade your service.
  • Renew: After topping up your account, you can select to prolong the service cycle of the Anti-DDoS service.
  • Upgrade: You can upgrade your instance to increase the bandwidth, domain or port volumes.