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How to use Server Guard on non-Alibaba Cloud servers?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018

You can use Server Guard to implement security protection on non-Alibaba Cloud servers.


Follow these steps to use Server Guard on non-Alibaba Cloud servers:

  1. Follow Install agent to install the Server Guard agent on a non-Alibaba Cloud server.

    Note: During installation, the system prompts you to enter the installation verification key. This installation verification key is used to associate with your Alibaba Cloud account. You can log on to the Server Guard console, and find your installation verification Key on the Install/Uninstall page.

  2. Log on to the Server Guard console after two minutes once the installation is completed and open the Assets page. You can view the server IP address added to the asset list.

  3. You can manage the security status of the server in the Server Guard console. Server Guard also displays the alarm information to you regarding the security risk events and vulnerabilities on this server.