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Consolidated billing

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Consolidated billing

An enterprise may have multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts using EDAS at the same time, like admin@alibabacloud.com, dept.1@alibabacloud.com, and dept.2@alibabacloud.com. If EDAS service is activated for each of these three accounts, then costs are incurred for each account, which is a waste. To optimize resource allocation and minimize cost, EDAS service can be activated for one account, and shared among all other accounts bound to this account.

After you subscribe to EDAS service with a company account as the billing account, you can use this account to log on to the EDAS console and bind other accounts to it, and then those bound accounts can also use EDAS service.

Count application nodes

After the company’s accounts are bound to the billing account, the number of application nodes used by all the accounts will be summed up and charged against the billing account.

Suppose a company has the following three accounts:

Billing account: admin@alibabacloud.com. It is used to activate the EDAS services, and uses 120 nodes out of maximum 200 allowed.

Account A(dept.1@alibabacloud.com): Bound to the billing account and uses 50 nodes.

Account B(dept.2@alibabacloud.com): Bound to the billing account and uses 10 nodes.

Therefore, the company uses a total of 180 nodes (120 + 50 + 10 = 180), which is within the limit of 200 nodes.

Consolidated billing process

  1. Subscribe to EDAS with a primary account which is designated as the billing account.

  2. Bind primary accounts to the billing account.

    1. Depending on the account type, go to the EDAS console, and then select Accounts > Primary Accounts from the left-side navigation pane.


    2. At the upper-right corner of the page, click the Bind Primary Account button, and then enter a valid Alibaba Cloud account number, the maximum number of nodes allowed for the account and edition.

      Note: The value can effectively protect the billing account from going over the maximum number of nodes allowed for it due to misoperations on the bound accounts.

  3. When logging on to the EDAS console with a bound primary account, you can see the binding request on the displayed page. Click OK to complete account binding.

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