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MNS data loss or cannot be found

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017

If not find the data inserted to the MNS, you can use the test data on the console of the official website for troubleshooting.

  • Unable to find the data just inserted on the console:

    Troubleshoot the MNS settings on MNS console via Queue List -> Modify Settings.

    Message life cycle (sec) indicates how long the message will be invalid. If it is set too short, the message will be invalid very quickly.

    Message latency (sec) indicates how soon the message will be visible after it is in the MNS. If it is set too long, the data may be invisible for a very long time.

    Invisibility timeout (sec) indicates the invisible length of a message to other consumers after it is queried by a client.

    You can also check the console through Queue List -> Active Messages, Non-active Messages, and Delayed Messages to judge whether it is the configuration problem.

  • I can find the data just inserted on the console, but not in the code:

    Check whether there are code errors. If it is an SDK, check whether it is the latest version. If the problem persists, contact the after-sales technical support.

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