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Web SQL injection attack

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2017


A web SQL injection attack is the process in which attackers perform unauthorized queries by tricking the database server.

Web SQL injection attacks take advantage of the SQL syntax and target code defects. When the attacker is able to manipulate data and insert SQL statements into applications, SQL injection attacks occur. In fact, an attacker usually adds additional SQL statement elements at the end of the pre-defined query statements in the applications to start a SQL injection attack.

The web SQL injection vulnerability is currently the most common and most widespread vulnerability on the Internet.


  • Websites manipulated
  • Data manipulated
  • Core data stolen
  • The database server becomes a zombie host


  • If you are using a third-party CMS program (such as Discuz, DedeCMS, and ECShop), upgrade the program to the latest version to fix the vulnerability.

  • We recommend that you filter user-input data. Remember to regard all the input data by users as unsafe.

    • Implement strict filtering on user-input data in the webpage code.
    • Deploy the web application firewall.
    • Monitor operations on the database.