After your ICP Filing information passes the Alibaba Cloud review, you must upload a picture of the website administrator to be verified.

How do I apply for a photo backdrop?

The Ministry of Industry and Industry Technology (MIIT) of China requires the administrator of a website to provide a facial photo for verification during the ICP Filing. After your application passes preliminary review by Alibaba Cloud, you must log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system and follow the prompts to apply for a backdrop.

Backdrops are mailed to addresses in mainland China only. Be sure to enter the correct contact number and address.

Do I have to mail the photo backdrop back to Alibaba Cloud?

After taking the photo for verification, you can keep the backdrop for future use.

Photo requirements

After you receive the photo backdrop from Alibaba Cloud, take and upload a facial photo with the backdrop as the background for verification. The photo must meet the following requirements:

  • The person in the photo must be the website administrator.

  • The person must be centered in the photo backdrop.

  • You must not wear red or blue colored outfit at the time of clicking the photo.

  • The Alibaba Cloud photo backdrop is the entire background. The backdrop appears blue and the Chinese characters on the backdrop must be clearly visible.

After you upload the photo, Alibaba Cloud workers review your photo within one business day. The review result is sent to you by text message and email.

A photo example:

Using Shanghai Communications Administration app to verify

Shanghai Communications Administration requires that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app to verity the website administrator. Shanghai Communications Administration also requires that the verification pictures must be taken in Shanghai, and the mobile phone number used in verification is the mobile phone number of the website administrator in the ICP Filing information. You must permit the app to access your location during the app installation. For more information on using Shanghai Communications Administration app to verify the website administrator,  see Using Shanghai Communications Administration app.