The ICP Filing subject, once filed ICP records through Alibaba Cloud, now has a new website hosted on an ECS instance to be ICP filed.


  1. Log on to the ICP Filing System (only available in Chinese).
  2. Click Add Website.

    If the button is not displayed, it may because you already have an ICP Filing order in process. You must finish that order or withdraw it before submitting another application. You can abandon the currently in progress filing order or wait for the filing order to pass the review.

  3. Make sure the subject information is correct, and click Next.

    If the subject information is not correct, click Modify Subject information and modify the information (you cannot add a new website ICP Filing when you modify the information ). For information about how to modify ICP Filing information, see Modify ICP Filing information.

  4. Verify your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

    For Product Type, select Alibaba Cloud and verify the instance by an ICP Filing service code. You apply an ICP Filing service code from the ICP Filing page in the Alibaba Cloud console. For more information about ICP Filing service code application, see Apply for ICP Filing service codes.

  5. Enter the information of the website.

    If the content of the website contains a type in the Preapproval List, you must first consult the competent department of the local government. If no preapproval content is included,  you can leave it empty.

  6. Upload scanned copies or photos of the required documents, and click Submit.
    You must download the corresponding template of the authenticity statement under Upload website ICP Filing information authenticity form.

    For more information, see Document uploading FAQs.

  7. After your filing information passes Alibaba Cloud review, the person in charge of the website must take a picture as required and upload it for verification.

    You can apply for an Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing backdrop on the Photo page. The website administrator takes a picture in front of the backdrop and upload the picture. Do not wear in red or blue when taking the picture.

    Note for Shanghai users: Shanghai Communications Administration requires that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app (only available in Chinese) to verity the website administrator. For more information, see Using Shanghai communications administration app to verify the website administrator

  8. Verify the mobile phone number of the subject and website administrators. Currently, mobile phone verification is required by Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai. Other provinces do not require mobile phone number verification.

    If you apply for ICP Filing in these regions, you will receive a text message (in Chinese) from the MIIT in five minutes after you get a message and an email from Alibaba Cloud.

    You must follow the message to verify your mobile phone number within 48 hours.  If you have not finish the verification in 48 hours, your ICP Filing application will be rejected.

    For more information about mobile phone number verification, see Mobile phone number verification for ICP Filing.

The local communications administration may take 3 to 20 workdays to review your ICP Filing information.

The review result is sent to you by a text message and an email. You can view your ICP Filing status on ICP Filing system.

After your ICP Filing information passes the local communications administration review, you can resolve your domain name and direct it to your Alibaba Cloud server.