If you have filed a website domain name ICP Filing through another service provider, you must transfer this application to Alibaba Cloud web hosting or set Alibaba Cloud as your server provider.

Alibaba Cloud provides two types of ICP Filing transfer:


  • When you transfer an existing ICP Filing to Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud is added as a service provider. You cannot modify the filed information during the transfer.
  • Your ICP Filing data with the previous service provider is unaffected. You can use both service provider servers.
  • You must follow the local ICP Filing regulations when entering the filing information and uploading the required documents.
  • If you have submitted an ICP Filing subject to Alibaba Cloud, but want to transfer the subject's domain name from another service provider to Alibaba Cloud, log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system using the account that submitted the initial ICP Filing and update your submission to include the domain name.
  • If you use the HiChina ICP Filing platform, you need to import your ICP Filing information to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system first. For more information about the importing procedures, see Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system FAQs.
  • If you change the filing subject or the website administrator after the ICP Filing transfer is completed, update the filing information in time.

Transfer an external ICP Filing

  1. Enter the required information to determine the ICP Filing type.

    Log on to theAlibaba Cloud ICP Filing system. Enter a specified ICP Filing subject and a domain name, and enter the CAPTCHA, and then click Verify Filing Type. The system automatically determines the ICP Filing type based on the information given.

    Note The information you entered must be consistent with the original filing information, or the system will misdetermine the ICP Filing type.

  2. Verify your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.
    For Product Type, select Alibaba Cloud and enter the ICP Filing Service Number. Click Verify.
    Note For how to obtain a service number, see Apply for ICP Filing service numbers.
  3. Verify your ICP Filing password issued by the MIIT.
    Note If you forget your ICP Filing password, you can retrieve it from the MIIT website. See How to retrieve my MIIT ICP Filing password.

  4. Enter the ICP Filing subject and the website administrator information.

    On the Transfer Information page, enter the required information based on actual conditions. Click Next to upload the filing materials.

    • For Subject Mailing Address, you can enter a certification address, office address or residential address.
    • The Subject Document Address and the Subject Mailing Address must be in the same province.
    • If you cannot provide a specific street number, you must provide an explanation in remarks.
    • Make sure you have provided valid contact information, including the email address and the phone number. If your contact information changes after the filing is completed, make sure you update the filing information in time to prevent missing filing messages.

  5. Upload the required materials.

    Follow instructions to upload copies of the required materials. Click Submit.

    • Download the authenticity statement, and fill in the statement with a black pen. Upload the scanned copy or photo of the statement.
    • You can use the Alibaba Cloud app to upload documents and verify the website administrator photos, if your ICF Filing is applied from Guangdong, Chongqing, Liaoning, Anhui, and Fujian.

    • For more information, see Document uploading FAQs.
    • After you submit the application for initial review, make sure your phone number is in service and you answer the phone call from Alibaba Cloud service staff. If you encounter any problems during review, the service staff will use the phone number provided in the ICP Filing to contact you.
  6. Upload a photo for verification.

    After your application passes the initial review, log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system to upload a website administrator photo for verification. The photo verification methods vary by region.

    Region Verification method
    Users in Shanghai ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use the Shanghai Communications Administration app to verify the website administrator. For more information, see Use the Shanghai Communications Administration app to verify the website administrator.
    Users in other regions Alibaba Cloud will send you an official photo backdrop. Click Enter Your Addressto apply for the official photo backdrop. After you receive the backdrop, you can take a headshot with it, and upload the photo for review.

    Click hereto see the photo shot requirements.

    Note If your photo passes review, Alibaba Cloud will forward your application to the communications administration for review within one working day.
  7. Text message verification (Optional).

    According to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the pilot provinces for text message verification are as follows: Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Hubei. The application can only be submitted to the communications administration for review after the applicant completes the text message verification. The text message verification is optional in other provinces. Check the text message verification code sent by the MIIT. Follow the instructions to log on to the communications administration website to complete the verification.

    Note For more information about text message verification, see Text message verification for ICP Filing.
Next steps
  • You will receive emails and text notifications about the results. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system to check the ICP Filing status.
  • The review process usually takes 3 to 20 business days after your application documents are submitted.

Continue to transfer an ICP Filing

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.
  2. Click Continue to transfer an ICP Filing.
    Note If the Continue to transfer an ICP Filing button is not displayed, your ICP Filing order might already be in process. You must finish that order or withdraw it before submitting another application. Before you transfer an external ICP Filing, you can cancel the filing order in progress or wait for the filing order to pass the communications administration review.
  3. For next steps, see Transfer an external ICP Filing.
  • After your ICP Filing information passes the communications administration review, it will take a while to upload the reviewed information to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.
  • During this period, you can check for website vulnerabilities and block malicious attackers. You can also check website content to avoid the risks of being shut down and blacklisted by the MIIT for not abiding to Chinese content law. For more information, see Website Threat Inspector.