If your website domain name has not been ICP filed with the MIIT, and you use an Alibaba Cloud server to host the website, you must apply for an ICP Filing license for the domain name through Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system (only available in Chinese).

In accordance with the official application process, the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system is only available in Chinese. Therefore, you must complete the application in Chinese. You must pay attention to the ICP Filing rules of the MIIT. For personal website, you must read Personal website naming requirements.


  • Read the local ICP Filing regulations carefully. If you want to know more about MIIT requirements, visit the MIIT website.
  • Purchase an ECS instance with a subscription for at least three months and with an Internet IP.

  • You must register your domain name from a China-based domain name provider (for example, aliyun.com).  Alibaba Cloud International is an international service provider, so domain names registered from Alibaba Cloud International (alibabacloud.com) are not supported by the MIIT ICP Filing system. We recommend that you register the domain name for ICP Filing from the Chinese site of Alibaba Cloud (aliyun.com).

    The domain name verification is successful only when the following criteria are met:

    • The domain name provider must receive an approved certificate from the MIIT.
    • The top-level domain name must be approved by the MIIT.
    • The domain name must be in its validity period.
    • The domain name has passed the real-name authentication. The ICP Filing subject information must be consistent with the domain name registrant (domain name holder) information.
  • Keep scanned copies or photos of your identifications and other required documents handy.
    • Individuals must provide scanned copies or photos of the front and back of ID cards.
    • Organizations must provide scanned copies or photos of the registration certificates, pictures of the front and back of the ID cards of the persons in charge of ICP Filing and the websites, and an authentication document duly stamped with the official seal of the company.
  • Prepare a website ICP Filing authenticity statement. You must download the template of ICP Filing authenticity statement from the Document Uploading page of ICP Filing system.
    Some local administrations have special requirements for the ICP Filing authenticity statement, so we do not recommend that you download the template from other sources.
  • Prepare other documents required by the local administrations. For example, domain name certificates and residence permits.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system (only available in Chinese), enter the required information in the registration form, and click Verify Filing Type.
    • Select the region (province and district) for Subject Region according to the actual location of the ICP Filing subject. The system displays the requirements of the local communications administration under Subject Certificate Type. You must submit the required documents for ICP Filing according to the local requirements. For more information about subject information, see Subject and website information FAQs and ICP Filing rules (in Chinese).
    • For Subject Type, select your type following the instruction appeared on the right. For personal websites, select Individual; For organization websites, select according to the organization types on the documents.

  2. Verify your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

    For Product Type, select Alibaba Cloud and verify the instance by an ICP Filing service code. You apply an ICP Filing service code from the ICP Filing page in the Alibaba Cloud console. For more information about ICP Filing service code application, see Apply for ICP Filing service codes.

  3. Enter the information of the subject, and click Next.
    • For Subject Mailing Address, you can enter the address on your document or your actual office or residence address.
    • However, the Subject Mailing Address and the Subject Document Address must be in the same province. 
    • If you can not provide the street number, you must explain the reason in the remarks.

  4. Enter the information of the website, and click Next.

    For how to enter website information, see Subject and website information FAQs.

    • When you are entering the Website Name, follow the instructions on the right. Some provinces have special requirements for personal website name, see Personal website name requirements.
    • If you have more domain names pointing to the same website, click Add Domain Name.
    • Preapproval List is optional. If no preapproval content is included in your website content, you can leave it empty. If the content of the website contains a type in the preapproval list, you must first consult the competent department of the local government. Preapproval list: News, Publication, Medicines and medical devices, Culture, Broadcast, movie and television programs, Education, Healthcare, Online car booking, and Bulletin board service.
    • If you have another website to be filed, click Save, and Add Another Website.
    • If the person in charge of your website is not the same person in charge of the ICP Filing (subject administrator), you can click Add New Administrator under the Website Administrator Information column. The website administrator must take a picture as required and upload the picture for verification. If the website is an enterprise website, your must check if the local administration requires that the subject administrator and the website administrator must be the same person. See ICP Filing rules (only available in Chinese) for more information.

  5. Upload all the required documents.
    • Upload scanned copies or photos of the required documents.
    • On this page, click Download to download the authenticity statement template.
    • If the local administration requires domain name certificates, contact your domain name provider for your domain name certificates.

    After you upload all the required documents, click Submit, and then click OK.

    For more information, see Document uploading FAQs.

    Screenshot examples of the document uploading page.

    After you submit your information and documents, Alibaba Cloud reviews your information and documents in one business day. Make sure that your phone number is in service and the call is answered during the normal working hours in China. If we find any problem , we contact you by the phone number in your ICP Filing information.

  6. After your information passes Alibaba Cloud review, log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system to upload a picture of the website administrator as required for verification.

    Note for Shanghai users:  Shanghai Communications Administration requires that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app (only available in Chinese) to verity the website administrator.  For more information, see Using Shanghai communications administration app to verify the website administrator.

    For other regions, ICP applicants can select one of several designated places, which are scattered in most major cities in China, to take an official photo and upload the picture for verification as part of the application process. This rule demands the applicants to physically present in China long enough to have a picture taken. However, Alibaba Cloud can make it easier. You can apply for an official background (that is, photo backdrop) from the document uploading page of your ICP Filing process. Click Enter Your Address, and enter an address in mainland China. Alibaba Cloud can mail the photo backdrop to any region in mainland China. The website administrator takes a picture in front of the backdrop and upload the picture. (Do not wear in red or blue when taking the picture.)

    For more information, see Website administrator verification FAQs.

    After receiving eligible pictures and approving your application, Alibaba Cloud submits the application to the local communications administration for approval. You are notified by an email and a text message.

  7. Verify the mobile phone number of the subject and website administrators.  Currently, mobile phone verification is required by the local authorities of Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai. Other provinces do not require mobile phone number verification.

    If you apply for ICP Filing in the seven regions, you will receive a text message (in Chinese) from the MIIT in five minutes after you get a message and email from Alibaba Cloud.

    You must follow the message to verify your mobile phone number within 48 hours.  If you have not finish the verification in 48 hours, your ICP Filing application will be rejected.

    For more information about mobile phone number verification, see Mobile phone number verification for ICP Filing.

The local communications administration may take 3 to 20 workdays to review your ICP Filing information.

The review result is sent to you by a text message and an email. You can view your ICP Filing status on the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.

After your ICP Filing information passes the local communications administration review, resolve your domain name and direct it to your Alibaba Cloud server.