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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018


An array of VSwitches.

Node name

It depends on the API.


Name Type Description
VSwitchId String The ID of the VSwitch.
VpcId String The ID of the VPC to which the VSwitch belongs.
Status String The status of the VSwitch. Valid value:

  • Pending: configuring
  • Available: available
CidrBlock String The CIDR block of the VSwitch.
ZoneId String The zone of the VSwitch.
AvailableIpAddressCount Integer The number of available IP addresses in the VSwitch.
Description String The description of the VSwitch.
VSwitchName String The name of the VSwitch.
IsDefault Boolean Whether the VSwitch is the default VSwitch used by the user in the zone.
CreationTime String The creation time of the VSwitch. It is represented according to ISO8601 and uses the time of UTC+8.