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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2018


The detailed information of a NAT gateway.


It depends on the API.


Name Type Description
NatGatewayId String The ID of the NAT gateway.
RegionId String The region of the NAT gateway.
VpcId String The VPC to which the NAT gateway belongs.
Name String The name of the NAT gateway.
Description String The description of the NAT gateway.
Spec String The specification of the NAT gateway.
Status String The status of the NAT gateway. Valid values:

  • Initiating: initiating
  • Available: available
  • Pending: configuring
ForwardTableIds Array The ID of the DNAT table.
SnatTableIds Array The ID of the SNAT table.
BandwidthPackageIds Array The ID of the NAT bandwidth package.
InstanceChargeType String The billing mode of the NAT gateway.
BusinessStatus string The business status of the NAT gateway. Valid values:

  • Normal: normal
  • FinancialLocked: locked because the NAT gateway is delinquent.
  • SecurityLocked: locked for security reasons.
CreationTime String The creation time of the NAT gateway. It is represented according to ISO8601 and uses the time of UTC+8.