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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2018


The detailed information of an EIP.

Node name

It depends on the API.


Name Type Description
RegionId String The region of the EIP.
IpAddress String The address of the EIP.
AllocationId String The ID of the EIP.
Status String The status of the EIP. Valid value:

  • Associating: binding
  • Unassociating: unbinding
  • InUse: allocated
  • Available: available
InstanceType String The type of the instance bound to the EIP.
InstanceId String The ID of the instance bound to the EIP.
Bandwidth Integer The peak bandwidth in Mbps of the EIP.
InternetChargeType String The billing mode of the EIP.
OperationLocks JSON string An array of reasons why the EIP is locked. For more information, see OperationLocksType.
AllocationTime String The creation time of the EIP. It is represented according to ISO8601 and uses the time of UTC+8.