Create a Virtual Border Router (VBR).

Each leased line (physical connection) can associate with two VBRs, one belongs to your own account and the other one belongs to another account: If you create a VBR using your account, the status of the VBR is Enabled after the API is called. If you create a VBR using another account, the status of the VBR is Unconfirmed after the API is called.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes

The action to perform. Valid value: 


RegionId String Yes

The region of the physical connection.

You can obtain the region ID by calling the DescribeRegions API.

PhysicalConnectionId String Yes

The ID of the physical connection.

VbrOwnerId String No

The account ID of the VBR owner.

The default value is account ID of the user who is calling the API.

VlanId String Yes

The VLAN ID of the VBR. Valid value: [1, 2999].

Note The VLAN IDs of two VBRs of the same physical connection must be different.
CircuitCode String Yes

The circuit code provided by the carrier for the physical connection.

Note Only the owner of the physical connection can specify this parameter.
LocalGatewayIp String Yes

The Alibaba Cloud-side IP of the VBR.

PeerGatewayIps String Yes

The client-side IP of the VBR.

PeeringSubnetMask String No

The subnet mask for the Alibaba Cloud-side IP and the client-side IP.

The two IP addresses must locate in the same subnet.

Name String No

The name of the VBR.

The name  can contain from 2 to 128 characters including a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underlines, and hyphens. The name must start with an English letter, but cannot start with http:// or https://.

Description String No

The description of the VBR.

The description can contain from 2 to 256 characters. The description must start with English letters, but cannot start with http:// or https://.

ClientToken String No

A client token used to guarantee the idempotence of requests. 

This parameter value is generated by the client and must be unique. It cannot exceed 64 ASCII characters.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The ID of the request.
VbrId String The ID of the VBR.


Request example
Response example
  • XML format

    <? xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? >
  • JSON format

        "RequestId": "980960B0-2969-40BF-8542-EBB34FD358AB"
        "VbrId": "vbr-2zecmmvg5gvu8i4telkhw"