1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domains console. Locate the domains to transfer and click Manage.
  2. On the Basic Information page, click Domain Transfer-Out from the left-side navigation pane.    
  3. Verify the registrant’s email address and click Next.              
  4. Enter the verification code sent to the email address,  and click Next.    
  5. Go to your new registrar’s portal to initiate a transfer-in process.
  6. Upon receiving the request for domain transfer to another registrar, Alibaba Cloud automatically sends a confirmation email for domain transfer to the registrant’s email address. Generally, it takes up to five days for domains to automatically transfer out. If you want to cancel the transfer, follow the instructions in the email.

You must initiate a transfer process on your new registrar’s portal. 

  1. Enter the authorization code and submit the request. 
  2. Your new registrar will send you an email. Log on to your confirmation mailbox to confirm the transfer.

The transfer process may vary in different registrars.