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Last Updated: Apr 09, 2018


Delete a VSwitch.

Note the following before deleting a VSwitch:

  • Only VSwitches in the available status can be deleted.

  • Before deleting a VSwitch, you must release or remove all cloud product instances and HAVIP instances under the VSwitch.

  • A VSwitch cannot be deleted when the VPC to which it belongs is creating or deleting a VSwitch or route entry.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes

The action to perform.

Valid value: DeleteVSwitch

VSwitchId String Yes

The ID of the VSwitch to delete.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The ID of the request.

Error codes

See VPC API Error Center.


Request example

  1. https://vpc.aliyuncs.com/?Action=DeleteVSwitch
  2. &VSwitchId=vsw-25naue4gz
  3. &<CommonParameters>

Response example

XML format

  1. <DeleteVSwitchResponse>
  2. <RequestId>AF083E3D-7E29-4B77-A937-1F129802D5F3</RequestId>
  3. </DeleteVSwitchResponse>

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "AF083E3D-7E29-4B77-A937-1F129802D5F3"
  3. }
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