This topic lists the basic features and limits of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL (formerly known as HybridDB for PostgreSQL).


  • Provides the key features of Greenplum Database. For more information, see Summary of Greenplum Features.
  • Supports exclusive MetaScan and SortKey technologies. For more information, see Use SortKey.
  • Supports the next-generation ORCA optimizer based on Cascade Framework.
  • Supports distributed stored procedures in PL/pgSQL and PL/Java. For details about PL/Java stored procedures, see Use PL ∕ Java UDF.
  • Supports vector retrieval of unstructured data.
  • Supports multiple extensions such as PostGIS, MADlib, fuzzystrmatch, orafunc, pgcrypto, intarray, and Roaring Bitmap. You can use the CREATE EXTENSION command to create them. For more information, see Extension management.
  • Allows you to use the OSS_EXT extension to read data from or write data to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS), and provides gzip compression to reduce the external table storage cost. For more information, see Migrate data by using an OSS external table.
  • Supports the JSON data type. For more information, see Operations of JSON data.
    Note The JSONB data type is not supported.
  • Supports the HypeLogLog data type. For more information, see Use HyperLogLog
  • AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL automatically performs a full backup every weekend. You can submit a ticket to modify the backup time and period. You can also use the pg_dump tool to perform backups on your own.


  • For details about limits of the core features, see Summary of Greenplum Features.
  • Permission limits: The root user of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL has permissions to create databases (CREATEDB) and roles (CREATEROLE), but does not have superuser permissions (SUPERUSER) and cannot perform operations that require such permissions. For example, the root user cannot run file functions such as pg_ls_dir. However, the root user has permissions to view and modify data of other non-superusers and terminate their connections.
  • PL/R extensions are not supported.
  • PL/Python extensions can be created but functions cannot be created with PL/Python.
  • The gpfdist tool is not supported. Note: Nodes can load data in parallel based on OSS external tables. For more information, see Migrate data by using an OSS external table
  • MapReduce APIs, gphdfs storage APIs, and local external tables are not supported.