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Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017

This tutorial explains a simple setup and verification process for Anti-DDoS Pro website protection through the Alibaba Cloud console. It does not cover all possible options.

This tutorial is suitable for users who:

  • Are interested in learning how Anti-DDoS Pro works.
  • Have purchased Anti-DDoS Pro and need to know how to set it up.
  • Want to test, verify, modify, or delete Anti-DDoS Pro configurations.

Quick start flow

To set up basic website protection, complete the following tasks:

Note: Before you begin, make sure that your Anti-DDoS Pro instance is enabled. To do this, see Enable Anti-DDoS Pro instances.

  1. Set up HTTP protection.
  2. Set up HTTPS protection (optional).
  3. Whitelist local IP subnet.
  4. Verify local settings.
  5. Update DNS settings.
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