Before you update DNS settings and route all the traffic to Anti-DDoS Pro, we recommend that you verify the forwarding settings locally to guarantee availability.

To perform the verification, manually bind the virtual IP address provided by Anti-DDoS Pro with the domain name in your local hosts file (for example,C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, in Windows). The domain name is then resolved to Alibaba Cloud’s IP address solely on your local device.

Anti-DDoS Pro refreshes your local DNS cache (for example, ipconfig/flushdns in Windows CMD) and loads this domain name in your browser. If your protection service does not have a domain name, you can directly replace the server’s IP address with the virtual IP address acquired in the local testing environment.

  • If the service is accessed successfully, your configuration is properly set.
  • Otherwise, check your configuration or open a ticket to contact Alibaba Cloud Technical Support.