Go to the DNS configuration panel and select either CNAME or A record to update the former DNS record, depending on your DNS service provider’s configuration.

After that, the traffic can be redirected to another virtual IP address (for example, backup IP address) or even to the origin site to avoid further problems.
Note Although both CNAME and A record are supported for rerouting traffic, we recommend that you select CNAME rather than A record to guarantee a higher success rate.
  • CNAME record

    Update the former DNS record with the generated CNAME. The former A record can be deleted.

    The recommended TTL value is 10 minutes.

  • A record

    Update the former A Record with the virtual IP address provided by Anti-DDoS Pro. If multiple virtual IP addresses are available, the domain name can be resolved to a different virtual IP address.

    The recommended TTL value is 10 minutes.