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Re-sign an app

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017

After app hardening, the hardened app is provided in the type of a hardening package. It has to be re-signed before being released.

Use jarsigner to re-sign a hardening package

When re-signing a hardening package, we recommend that you employ the same keystore used for the previous signing. Otherwise, inconsistent signatures may cause failure in uploading the app to the app market.

Follow the jarsigner operating syntax:

jarsigner -digestalg SHA1 -sigalg MD5withRSA -verbose -keystore [your_keystore_path] -signedjar [signed_apk_name] [unsigned_apk_name] [your_keystore_alias]


  • your_keystore_path denotes the absolute path of the key.
  • signed_apk_name denotes the name of the signed installation package.
  • unsigned_apk_name denotes the name of the unsigned installation package.
  • your_keystore_alias denotes the key alias.

Get the keystore path

  1. Right-click on the eclipse project.

  2. Select Export, and select Export Android Application.


  3. Click Next to confirm the operation.

  4. Copy the path filled in the location entry, which is the absolute path of the previous keystore.

  5. Replace your_keystore_path in the syntax with the copied key path.

Get the key alias

  1. On the Keystore page, click Next to access the Key alias selection page.

  2. Through the Alias drop-down box, view all existing keys kept in the keystore, and select the one used in the previous app signature.


  3. Replace your_keystore_alias in the syntax with the selected key alias.

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