App hardening

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2017

The Mobile Security offers app hardening service for apps that are uploaded to the Alibaba Cloud.

Upload an application

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Security console.

  2. Click Mobile Security service under Security.

  3. Click Upload app in the upper-right corner of the Overview page.


  4. Select the app to be uploaded, and click Open. Once the app is successfully uploaded, it will be added to the app list.

Conduct App hardening

Note: App hardening is only available for apps included in the app list.

  1. On the Overview page, select Start Hardening under the app to be hardened in the App Hardening column and wait until the hardening is completed.


  2. Select Download hardening package in the App Hardening column, and select the package to be downloaded on the displayed App Hardening page.


    • Only DEX Hardening is available in the Free Trial Edition.

    • To apply advanced hardening options, such as SO Hardening, JAVA Constant Encryption, Java Command Translation, and Java Simulated Execution, first upgrade to the Professional Edition.


  3. Re-sign the downloaded hardening package before releasing it. Refer to re-sign an app.

Note: Alternatively, you can perform the entire procedure on the App Hardening page.

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