Call back stream-status real-time information and promptly notify users about the video streaming results.


  • Principle: By sending GET requests to the user server through the HTTP interface, the real-time stream status feedback is sent to the users. The user server returns 200 to  the return interface.
  • You do not have to identify the URL if normal access is ensured. See the following rules for URL response.
  • In case of access time-out, the URL can be retried. The current time-out duration is 5 seconds, the number of retries is 5, and the interval is 1 second.


Configuration can be performed on the console, and it is optional.

Parameter Value description
time unix timestamp
usrargs User streaming parameters
action  publish indicates push streaming, and publish_done  indicates completion of push streaming
app  Default value is the custom streaming domain name. If no streaming domain name is bound, it is the playback domain name
appname Application name
id Stream name
node The name of the node or machine in the CDN that receives the stream
ip Streaming client's IP