VPC API overview

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017

Welcome to Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud. You can use the APIs described in this document to perform relevant operations on VPC.

Before using these APIs, make sure that you have fully understood the VPC product instructions and user agreements.


Term Description
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) A private network established in Alibaba Cloud. It is logically isolated from other virtual networks in Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud VPC enables you to launch and use the Alibaba Cloud resources in your own VPC.
Region It represents the region where resources are located. Each region contains a group of zones.
Zone Zones are physical areas in the same region with independent power grids and networks. The network latency for ECS instances within the same zone is shorter. Intranet communication can take place between zones in the same region, and fault isolation can be performed between zones.
VRouter A VRouter is a hub in the VPC that connects all VSwitches in the VPC and serves as a gateway device that connects the VPC to other networks. Each VRouter maintains a route table that forwards network traffic based on the specific route entry settings.
VSwitch A VSwitch is a basic network device in a VPC network. You can further segment your virtual networks into subnets by adding VSwitches.
Elastic IP Address (EIP) Elastic IP addresses are public IP address resources that you can buy separately.
Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) A method for allocating IP addresses and IP routing. Comparing with the traditional classes A, B, or C addresses, CIDR is more efficient in aspect of IP allocation.
For example, the IP address - in the CIDR format is as follows:
125.203.0110 0000.0000 0000 to 125.203.0111 1111.1111 1111 or
Route Table A route table is a list of route entries in a VRouter.
Route Entry Each entry in a route table is designated as a route entry. A route entry defines the next hop address for the network traffic to be routed to the specified CIDR block destination.

Usage limitations

The number of VPCs, EIPs and other resources that an account can possess has limitation.

In a VPC, there are also limitations on the number of VSwitches and the number of ECS instances can run in a VPC, and so on. Before using the VPC APIs, ensure that you have known the limitations.

In the API documentation, if the parameter values and specification limitations are conflict of that in the official website, the information in the official website prevails.

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