This topic introduces the concepts of expiration and overdue payment of an E-MapReduce (EMR) cluster. This topic also describes the status of a cluster after the cluster has expired or has an overdue payment, and the operations that you need to perform on the cluster.


Cluster billing method Expiration
Pay-as-you-go Only subscription clusters can expire.
Subscription The ECS instances or EMR service of a subscription cluster may expire:
  • If an ECS instance of the cluster expires, the ECS instance enters the Stopped state. If you do not renew the instance within 15 days after the cluster expires, the instance is automatically released. For more information, see Changes in resource status after an instance expires.
  • If the EMR service of a cluster expires, you cannot perform operations on the cluster in the EMR console or call EMR API operations. You also cannot use automated O&M services, including monitoring and alerting.

Overdue payment

Notice If you have an overdue payment, EMR sends you a notification. To continue using the cluster, we recommend that you settle your overdue payment within the prescribed time limit.

Only pay-as-you-go clusters can have an overdue payment.

If your Alibaba Cloud account does not have sufficient funds, such as vouchers or cash, to cover the fees that are generated by your cluster in the previous hour, the cluster enters the Overdue state.

Within 15 days after the payment becomes overdue, pay-as-you-go ECS resources are retained but they cannot function properly. If you still do not top up your account within 15 days after the payment becomes overdue, the cluster will be released and all data on the cluster will be lost. For more information about ECS overdue payments, see Resource status when an instance is stopped due to an overdue payment. After the payment becomes overdue, you cannot use the EMR service of the cluster. The EMR service can be recovered only after you settle the overdue payment.


The expiration or overdue payment of a cluster does not affect the performance of another cluster. For example, if you have a pay-as-you-go cluster with an overdue payment and a subscription cluster that does not expire, the subscription cluster can work as expected.