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Expiration and overdue payment

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Expiration description

Note: Expiration does not apply to Pay-As-You-Go clusters.

If any subscription clusters you have purchased expire, the E-MapReduce console displays a prompt notifying you that the E-MapReduce service of the cluster has expired. When the E-MapReduce service expires, you are unable to implement any operations to the cluster from the console or call the API, and the automatic operation and maintenance (monitoring, alarm, and other related tasks) are also stopped.

If any ECS instances in the cluster expire, a notification of their expiration is displayed. Expired ECS instances in the cluster will run for extra 15 days. After 15 days, if your subscription is not renewed, the expired ECS instances will stop, and data will be retained for an additional 15 days. If your subscription is not renewed at the end of 30 days, the instances are released and data is permanently deleted.

If you want to continue using the E-MapReduce service and the ECS instances, you must renew your subscription. The E-MapReduce service and the ECS instances can be renewed simultaneously through the E-MapReduce Product console. After renewal, both data and services are restored automatically.

If you want to release a cluster, you can wait for the cluster to stop, and the ECS instances to be released automatically, without the need for renewal.

Overdue payment description

Note: Overdue payment does not apply to subscription clusters.

When any Pay-As-You-Go cluster you purchased is overdue for payment, the E-MapReduce service will be stopped. The ECS instances in the cluster will continue to run for 15 days, after which the ECS instances stop running. Data is retained for extra 15 days, after which the instances are released and data is removed permanently.


Different clusters do not affect one another. For example, if you have a subscription cluster and a Pay-As-You-Go cluster, if the latter is in the overdue payment state, the former works normally without being affected.

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