The fees for using E-MapReduce (EMR) consist of fees for the EMR service, ECS instances, and Internet traffic of the master node.

  • EMR service
    EMR provides multi-dimensional cluster management features, such as page display and control, support for API operations and SDKs, monitoring and alerting, O&M tools, and automatic server-side O&M. For more information about the pricing of the EMR service, see Subscription and Pay-as-you-go based on the selected billing method.
    Note Subscription EMR clusters are at a discount now. If you create a subscription EMR cluster, you are not charged for the EMR service.
  • ECS instances
    ECS instances support two billing methods: subscription and pay-as-you-go. The billing method of ECS instances that are used for an EMR cluster is determined by the billing method you selected when you purchase the EMR cluster.
    • Subscription: If you select the subscription billing method, you must pay for the ECS instances when you purchase the EMR cluster. For more information, see Subscription.
    • Pay-as-you-go: If you select the pay-as-you-go billing method, you need to pay for the ECS instances only after you use the EMR cluster. For more information, see Pay-as-you-go.
    Note When you create an EMR cluster, the system automatically selects and creates ECS instances for the EMR cluster based on the cluster specifications you select. You do not need to prepare ECS instances for the cluster in advance. If your Alibaba Cloud account has a discount for ECS instances, the discount is automatically applied when you create an EMR cluster.
  • Internet traffic of the master node

    By default, an 8 Mbit/s Internet bandwidth is enabled for the master node of a created EMR cluster. In a high-availability cluster, the 8 Mbit/s Internet bandwidth is enabled for each of the two master nodes by default. The Internet traffic fee of the master node is not included in the EMR service fee and is separately calculated. The fee of outbound Internet traffic is calculated on an hourly basis. Inbound Internet traffic is free of charge. For example, if the outbound Internet traffic consumed within 1 hour is 10 GB, the fee is calculated by using the following formula: Fee per hour = 10 GB × Price per GB (Unit: USD). The Internet traffic fee slightly varies among regions. For more information, see ECS bandwidth prices.