The cost of an E-MapReduce product consists of the cost of ECS, the cost of the E-MapReduce , and the cost of the external network traffic of the Master node.

Notice If your cluster is large, submit a ticket to Alibaba Cloud to request a discount.

The overall cost of E-MapReduce consists of the following:

  • Cost of ECS products

    Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) comes included when you purchase an E-MapReduce cluster, meaning that you do not need to prepare ECS in advance. If you are entitled to a discount for ECS, this also applies to your purchase of E-MapReduce.

  • Cost of E-MapReduce products

    E-MapReduce provides multi-dimensional management services for clusters, including page display and control, API and SDK support, monitoring and alarms, O&M tools, and automatic back-end O&M.For detailed pricing information, please see Price of Subscription, Price of Pay-As-You-Go.

  • Cost of the external network traffic of master nodes

    In created clusters, 8 Mbps of public network bandwidth is available for master nodes (for an HA cluster, each of the two master nodes has 8 Mbps of bandwidth). Traffic is Pay-As-You-Go and is not included in the cost of the clusters. You are charged on an hourly basis for outbound traffic, but inbound traffic is free. For example, if in an hour you use 10 GB of outbound traffic on a public network, the charge is 10 x price per GB (in USD). Traffic fees may vary between regions. For more information, please see ECS network prices.