Notice If your cluster is large, submit a ticket to Alibaba Cloud to request a discount.

The cost of E-MapReduce products includes the following components:

  • Cost of ECS products

    When purchasing E-MapReduce clusters, Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is included, so you do not need to prepare ECS in advance. If you are entitled to a discount for ECS, the discount for ECS is also applied to your purchase of E-MapReduce.

  • Cost of E-MapReduce products

    E-MapReduce provides multi-dimensional management services of clusters, including display and control of pages, API and SDK support, monitoring alarm, operation and maintenance tools, automatic server-side back-end operation and maintenance, and other services. For more information, see E-MapReduce Product Price Reference.

  • Cost for external network traffic of master nodes

    In created clusters, 8 Mbps public network bandwidth is opened for master nodes (for HA cluster, each of the two master nodes has 8 Mbps of bandwidth). The traffic is Pay-As-You-Go and not included in the cost of the clusters. You are charged outflow traffic on an hourly basis, while the inflow traffic is free of charge. For example, if you use 10 GB of outbound public traffic in an hour, the charge is 10 GB * price per 1 G (dollar/h). Traffic fees across different regions may vary. The flow rate varies slightly for each region, please refer to ECS network pricing information.