Description of a shared bandwidth package.

Node name

Depends on the methods.


Name  Type  Description 
BandwidthPackageId  String  ID of a bandwidth package, for example, bwp-xxoo123
RegionId  String  Region 
Name  String  Display name of an instance, which is a string of two to 128 English or Chinese characters. It must start with an uppercase/lowercase letter or a Chinese character and can contain numbers, “.”,  ":", “_”, or “-“.  It cannot start with “http://“ or “https://“.
Description  String  Custom description of an instance, which is a string of two to 256 characters. This parameter is null if not specified. The default value is “null”.  It cannot start with “http://“ or “https://“.
ZoneId  String  Zone
GatewayId  String  ID of the NAT gateway associated with a bandwidth package.
BandWidth  String  Bandwidth value; value range: 5 to 5,000, in Mbps.
InstanceChargeType  String  Instance billing method. Currently, only Pay-As-You-Go is supported.  Value: PostPaid, applicable to Pay-As-You-Go instances.
InternetChargeType  String  Internet billing method. Optional values:  PayByTraffic.


ISP  String  Currently, only BGP is supported.
PublicIpAddresses  PublicIpAddressSetType  IP address list. Each IP address has a globally unique AllocatedId attribute and an IP address attribute.
BusinessStatus  String  Optional values: Normal (normal ).

FinancialLocked (locked due to overdue payment).

SecurityLocked (locked by security risk control).
CreationTime  String  Creation time Formatted according to the ISO8601 standard, and uses UTC time. Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ.