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Add a VServer group

Last Updated: May 16, 2017

By default, a backend server group in the instance dimension is created and maintained by the system. All listeners in a Server Load Balancer instance use the same backend server group. A VServer group allows you to personalize the server group in the listener dimension, that is, instances under different listeners can use a different set of backend servers, domain names, and URL forwarding to meet individual needs.


  • The backend servers added to a VServer group must be in the same region of the listener.
  • A backend server can be added to multiple VServer groups.
  • A VServer group can be added to multiple listeners in a Server Load Balancer instance.
  • A VServer group is group of ECS server instances with specified port numbers.


  1. Log on to the Server Load Balancer console.

  2. On the Instance Management page, select a region and then click the instance ID of the Server Load Balancer that you want to add a VServer group for.

  3. Click Server > VServer Group, and then click Create VServer group.


  4. In the Create VServer Group window, complete the following information:

    1. Enter a group name.

    2. Select the network type.

    3. Click the ECS server that you want to add.

    4. In the Selected Server Lists panel, enter the port number and weight for each added server.

    5. Click Confirm.

The added VServer group is displayed on the VServer Group page, you can:

  • Click View to view the configurations of the VServer group.
  • Click Edit to change the configurations of the VServer group.
  • Click Delete to delete the VServer group.
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