Common error messages for MaxCompute are as follows:

Error code: General description - Context description

Example: ODPS-0130131:Table not found - "myproject" "mytable".

The error code ODPS-0130131 and general description Table not found have a one-to-one mapping relationship Context description provides information that helps error locating.

The error code format is ODPS-MMCCCCX.

  • MM indicates the module ID, which is a two-digit integer.  For example, 00 indicates the common module; 01 indicates SQL Task.

  • CCCC indicates the error code, which is a four-digit integer.

  • X indicates the severity of the error, which is a one-digit integer.  1 indicates a minor error, such as incorrect user input. 9 indicates an error of the highest severity, such as an atomicity error.

For a list of errors related to SQL Task, MapReduce Task, and Tunnel Task commonly used by MaxCompute, see: