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Changing domain names bound to Alibaba Cloud DNS

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2017


Changes the domain name bound to the Alibaba Cloud DNS.

This interface can be called whether or not the current Alibaba Cloud DNS product is bound to a domain name. This interface can also be called to unbind a domain name by leaving the NewDomain field blank.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Operation interface name, required parameter. Value: ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct.
InstanceId String Yes The Alibaba Cloud DNS product ID.
NewDomain String No The domain name to bind. If blank, the product is unbound.

Return parameters

Public return parameters. For more information, see Public return parameters.

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique request identifier.
OriginalDomain String The original bound domain name. If blank, this indicates the product was bound for the first time.

Error codes

For errors common to all interfaces, see Error code table.

Error code Description HTTP status code Meaning
InvalidDnsProduct The DNS product is not exist. 400 The Alibaba Cloud DNS product does not exist.
IncorrectDomainUser The domain name does not belong to this user. 400 The domain name does not exist under this account.
InvalidBinding.SpecialDomain The special domain name is invalid to bind on the DNS product. 400 Special domain names cannot be bound.
QuotaExceeded.Binding The total count of binding domain has been out of range. 400 The number of binding operation exceeds the limit for this version.
InvalidBinding.BoundDomain The new domain has been bound on other DNS product. 400 The domain name to change to is already bound to a paid cloud DNS product.


Request example

  2. &InstanceId=i-7sb
  3. &
  4. &<Public Request Parameters>

Return example

  • XML format
  1. <ChangeDomainOfDnsProductResponse>
  2. <RequestId>536E9CAD-DB30-4647-AC87-AA5CC38C5382</RequestId>
  3. <OriginalDomain></OriginalDomain>
  4. </ChangeDomainOfDnsProductResponse>
  • JSON format
  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "536E9CAD-DB30-4647-AC87-AA5CC38C5382",
  3. "OriginalDomain": ""
  4. }