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API overview

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017

Domain name management interface

API Description
AddDomain Add domain name
DeleteDomain Delete domain name
DescribeDomains Retrieve domain name list
DescribeDomainInfo Retrieve domain name information
DescribeDomainWhoisInfo Retrieve domain name Whois information
ModifyHichinaDomainDNS Modify HiChina DNS
GetMainDomainName Retrieve primary domain name
DescribeDomainLogs Retrieve domain name operation logs

Alibaba Cloud DNS product management interface

API Description
DescribeDnsProductInstances Retrieve list of paid Alibaba Cloud DNS product versions
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct Change domain name bound to the Alibaba Cloud DNS product
DescribeDnsProductAttributes Retrieve domain name attributes based on Alibaba Cloud DNS versions

Domain grouping interface

API Description
AddDomainGroup Add domain name group
UpdateDomainGroup Modify domain name group
DeleteDomainGroup Delete domain name group
ChangeDomainGroup Change domain name group
DescribeDomainGroups Retrieve domain name group list

Domain name retrieval interface

API Description
RetrievalDomainName Initiate domain name retrieval
ApplyForRetrievalDomainName Apply for retrieval by administrators
CheckDomainRecord Check the validity of resolution records

Resolution management interface

API Description
AddDomainRecord Add resolution record
DeleteDomainRecord Delete resolution record
UpdateDomainRecord Modify resolution record
SetDomainRecordStatus Set resolution record status
DescribeDomainRecords Retrieve resolution record list
DescribeDomainRecordInfo Retrieve resolution record information
DescribeSubDomainRecords Retrieve subdomain name resolution record list
DeleteSubDomainRecords Delete resolution records corresponding to host records
DescribeRecordLogs Retrieve resolution operation logs

Resolution Server Load Balancer interface

API Description
SetDNSSLBStatus Enable/disable resolution Server Load Balancer
DescribeDNSSLBSubDomains Retrieve subdomain name list for resolution Server Load Balancer
UpdateDNSSLBWeight Modify weights for resolution Server Load Balancer