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Installing Alibaba Cloud SDK

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Alicloudcli must be used along with Alibaba Cloud product SDKs. For ease of use, the installation of Alicloudcli is separated from the installation of SDKs. You do not need to download all SDKs, but just select your desired products. Alicloudcli can dynamically adapt to the SDKs installed on your system.

If SDK is installed using pip, various dependencies and upgrade will be automatically configured. Therefore, we strongly recommend you install SDKs using pip.

Taking ECS for example, you can install the SDK directly using the following command:

  1. $ sudo pip install aliyun-python-sdk-ecs

You can also upgrade it easily:

  1. $ sudo pip install --upgrade aliyun-python-sdk-ecs

List of Product SDKs

SDKs of different products are listed as follows:

Product SDK
BatchCompute aliyun-python-sdk-batchcompute
Bsn aliyun-python-sdk-bsn
Bss aliyun-python-sdk-bss
Cms aliyun-python-sdk-cms
Crm aliyun-python-sdk-crm
Cdn aliyun-python-sdk-cdn
Drds aliyun-python-sdk-drds
Ecs aliyun-python-sdk-ecs
Ess aliyun-python-sdk-ess
Ft aliyun-python-sdk-ft
Ocs aliyun-python-sdk-ocs
Oms aliyun-python-sdk-oms
OssAdmin aliyun-python-sdk-ossadmin
Ram aliyun-python-sdk-ram
Rds aliyun-python-sdk-rds
Risk aliyun-python-sdk-risk
R-kvstore aliyun-python-sdk-r-kvstore
Slb aliyun-python-sdk-slb
Sts aliyun-python-sdk-sts
Ubsms aliyun-python-sdk-ubsms
Yundun aliyun-python-sdk-yundun