Table Store CMD

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Table Store CLI

The Table Store CLI (Command Line Interface) toolkit supports interactive mode and direct command mode for Table Store one-key operations.

Click to download the Table Store CLI Toolkit.

Supported systems

This toolkit is constructed with the Table Store product Python SDK and supports Windows (XP, Win7), Linux (mainstream Ubuntu version, RHEL 5 and 6), and Mac systems.

Primary utilities

  • Table operation: CreateTable(ct), DeleteTable(dt), DescribeTable(ti), UpdateTable(ut), and ListTable(lt).

  • Single row operation: GetRow(get), PutRow(put), UpdateRow(update), and DeleteRow(delete).

  • Range read: GetRange(getrange).

  • Data export and import: Export(export) and Import(import).

Primary features

Applicable for Windows/Linux/Mac systems:

  • Safety

    The Table Store toolkit is specified by the Alibaba Cloud official website. It was developed by a professional research team and passed testing by a professional testing team.

  • Stability

    It has already been installed and used by many users and the environment is stable. This toolkit has been used in cloud production environments, further guaranteeing its stability.

  • Efficiency

    This toolkit was developed based on python and its source code has been released, allowing more convenient use. In addition, this toolkit can be embedded and used in .net, java, php, and other language environments to efficiently meet OTS-related needs.

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