Limits on NAT Gateway

  • A VPC can have only one NAT Gateway.

  • A public IP cannot be used for both an SNAT entry and a DNAT entry.

  • If the VPC contains a custom route entry of which the destination CIDR block is, you must delete it before creating a NAT Gateway.

  • If a VSwitch is added to an SNAT entry, it will be limited by the bandwidth of the selected EIP.

  • Up to 100 DNAT entries can be added to a DNAT table.

  • Up to 40 SNAT entries can be added to an SNAT table.

Limits on EIP binding

  • Up to 10 EIPs can be bound to a NAT Gateway. Open a ticket to apply for more.

  • The maximum bandwidth of each EIP is 200 Mbps.

  •  If your account has purchased a NAT bandwidth package before January 26, 2018, you still need to use the bandwidth package to provide public IPs. Open a ticket if you want to bind an EIP to the NAT Gateway.