NAT Gateway is flexible and easy to use, has high performance and high availability, and supports Pay-As-You-Go billing.

Flexible and easy-to-use

As an enterprise-class public network gateway for VPC, NAT Gateway provides SNAT and DNAT functions, which means you do not have to build your own SNAT gateway for your servers. NAT Gateway features high flexibility, stability, and reliability, and is easy to use.

High performance

NAT Gateway, a virtual network hardware, is based on Alibaba Cloud's self-developed distributed gateway and is supported by SDN virtualization technology. With the forwarding capacity of up to 10 Gbps, NAT Gateway supports large-scale Internet applications.

High availability

NAT Gateway supports the cross-zone disaster recovery. Failure in a single zone does not affect the service of NAT Gateway.

Pay-AS-You-Go billing

You can change the gateway specification and the number of EIPs at any time to meet changing service requirements.