What is NAT Gateway

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017

NAT Gateway is an enterprise-class public network gateway that provides NAT proxy services (SNAT and DNAT), up to 10 Gbps forwarding capacity, and cross-zone disaster recovery.

As a public network gateway, NAT Gateway requires configured public IPs and bandwidth. Public IPs for NAT Gateway are grouped into abstract groups called shared bandwidth packages.

NAT Gateway and shared bandwidth packages together provide a high-performance, flexible, and enterprise-class public gateway service.

Network topology

The position of NAT Gateway in the VPC network topology is as shown in the following figure.


Differences between NAT Gateway and Elastic IP

Items NAT Gateway Elastic IP
Supported network environment VPC VPC
Supports sharing bandwidth among multiple IPs? Yes No
Supports unbinding from ECS? Yes Yes
Supports binding one IP to multiple ECS instances? Yes No
Can be viewed on the ECS NIC? No No
Configuration method SNAT and DNAT (port mapping/IP mapping) One-to-one mapping
Typical users Enterprise users with many ECS instances and large number of public IPs Users with fewer ECS instances and small number of public IPs
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