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Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017

The latest version of PHP SDK

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PHP SDK (19/08/2015)

Download: oss_php_sdk_20150819


  • Fixed the download signature mismatch problem when response-content-disposition and other HTTP headers are used.
  • Added settings for response body conversion. The OSS currently supports XML, array, and JSON formats. XML is the default format.
  • Added the copy_upload_part method.
  • Added the support for STS.
  • Changed the $options parameter location in the signed URL.
  • Fixed the read_dir looping problem.
  • Added the referer and lifecycle interfaces. Added the content-md5 check option for upload by file and multipart upload operations.
  • Added init_multipart_upload to directly obtain string type uploads.
  • Adjusted the return value of the batch_upload_file function from the original null value to a boolean value; “true” indicates success and “false” indicates failure.
  • Adjusted the tool function location in tsdk.class.php, placing it in util/oss_util.class.php. If you want to reference it, add OSSUtil:: and reference this file.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the problem of being unable to edit the header in the Copy object process.
  • Fixed the custom upload syntax error during upload part.
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to correctly set the mimetype of office2007 files during uploads.
  • Fixed the problem of time-out and exit in case of an empty directory during the batch_upload_file operation.

PHP SDK (25/06/2014)

Download: oss_php_sdk_20140625

New features:

  • Added the CORS setting feature.

PHP SDK V1 (25/06/2013)

PHP SDK (10/10/2012)

This version mainly includes a change to the domain name generation rules according to the newly released API.

PHP SDK (17/08/2012)

This version is primarily designed to fix the problem of failure to set Expires for get_sign_url.

PHP SDK (12/06/2012)


  1. Fixed the bug in hostname settings.
  2. Optimized internal exception handling.
  3. Added support for third-level domain names, such as
  4. Optimized the demo project to make it more concise.