Last Updated: May 27, 2016

iOS SDK Documentation (for version 1.3.0 in particular)

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iOS SDK (2015-08-05) Version 1.3.0

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150805


  1. Released an independent multipart upload interface
  2. In STS authentication mode, the SDK automatically manages a token's lifecycle and gets a new one only after expiration
  3. Fixed the problem where concurrent upload tasks could not always be canceled
  4. Asynchronous upload/download interfaces return a handler, through which tasks are canceled
  5. Added a complete demo
  6. Supports the servercallback function

iOS SDK (2015-06-30) Version 1.2.0

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150630


  1. Uses httpdns for domain name resolution to prevent domain name hijacking

iOS SDK (2015-06-09) Version 1.1.0

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150609


  1. Changed the method of using SDK from the original .an object to framework
  2. Added STS support
  3. Fixed the bug of invalid callback in some situations

iOS SDK (2015-04-07) Version 1.0.0

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150407

Note: This OSS iOS SDK has been formally integrated into the AliCloud OneSDK. For a uniform style, the SDK package name and several interface names were changed in this update. For details, see the SDK documentation


  1. Added the list Objects function
  2. Enabled the function of specified range download to define the end of an object
  3. Added a new method of using OSS SDK

iOS SDK Documentation (for version 0.1.2 in particular)

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iOS SDK (2015-03-04) Version 0.1.2

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150304


  1. Supports the upload of object keys with names including Chinese characters
  2. Fixed the bugs of the resumable data transfer function

iOS SDK (2015-01-20) Version 0.1.1

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20150120


  1. Changed the methods provided by the SDK from the original framework to static library
  2. The SDK simultaneously provides three types of static libraries: real machine, simulator, and joint real machine and simulator use
  3. Added bucket settings to direct to the domain name interface of the bound CNAME

iOS SDK (2014-12-22) Version 0.1.0

Address for SDK download:OSS_iOS_SDK_20141222

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