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Java SDK

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017

The latest version of Java SDK


Java SDK (22/02/2017) Version 2.5.0

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20170222.zip


  • Added: the support for get bucket stat
  • Added: CNAME support for IsPurgeCdnCache
  • Added: force close for OSSObject features
  • Fixed: local files with the same name cannot be renamed if the resumable download is unsuccessful
  • Fixed: add the BucketInfo parsing for ExtranetEndpoint/IntranetEndpoint
  • Fixed: fix the IndexOutOfBoundException exception when the key is “”
  • Fixed: the NullPointerException exception of initiateMultipartUpload in some specific situations
  • Optimized: added the direct description of permissions in AccessControlList
  • Optimized: unify the responses returned after the UDF/upload callback
  • Optimized: added the context in the description for an InvalidResponse exception

Java SDK (09/01/2017) Version 2.4.1

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20170109.zip


  • Fixed: GeneratePresignedUrlRequest support of callback
  • Fixed: GetObjectToFile support of CRC verification
  • Fixed: PutObject With URL support of CRC verification

Java SDK (21/11/2016) Version 2.4.0

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20161121.zip


  • Added: support for Put Symlink
  • Added: support of image for querystring, and support for RangGet and slash
  • Added: support for Prefix and Action for a cross-region copy
  • Fixed: image service format changed from setparams to setProcess. Both formats are available

Java SDK (11/08/2016) Version 2.3.0

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20160811.zip


  • Support of the RTMP feature
  • Support for the CRC64 verification feature
  • Support for the OSS and IMG merger
  • Support for Proxy access to OSS
  • Fixed the bug where an exception is thrown by OSSClient.shutdown
  • Added automatic sorting of part list during multipart upload and submission
  • Optimized merge test cases
  • Added support for request-level time-out

Java SDK (10/05/2016) Version 2.2.3

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20160510.zip


  • Added support for returning the RequestId for normal data operation requests
  • Added support for URL encoding of listMultipartUploads/listParts;
  • Fixed the bug where getSimplifiedObjectMeta did not close the connection
  • Fixed the bug where InvalidResponse was returned by doesObjectExist
  • Added support for request time-out settings
  • Added easy-to-use constructors for UploadPartRequest/UploadPartCopyRequest

Java SDK (01/03/2016) Version 2.2.1

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20160301.zip


  • Added support for concurrent uploads/downloads of resumable uploads/downloads
  • Added support for the upload callback feature
  • Added the AliCDN type for conditioned redirection

Java SDK (01/02/2016) Version 2.2.0

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20160201.zip


  • Added support for the CNAME feature
  • Added support for cross-cluster replication
  • Added support for the image write-back configuration feature
  • Added support for bucket storage settings
  • Added the GetObjectMeta interface to get object metadata
  • Enhanced the website feature and added support for redirection
  • Added the GetBucketInfo interface to get related bucket information
  • Enhanced the lifecycle feature and added support for object time-out by create time and multipart time-out

Java SDK (30/01/2016) Version 2.1.2

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20160130.zip


  • Added the interface for getting the connection time-out from the connection pool
  • Fixed the bug when using a timed-out connection
  • Fixed the bug related to insufficient cache for retries
  • Added the feature to automatically identify IP-format endpoints

Java SDK (23/12/2015) Version 2.1.0

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20151223.zip


  • Removed the log4j.properties configuration file
  • Added the Put/Get/Delete Bucket Tagging interfaces

Java SDK (24/11/2015) Version 2.0.7

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20151124.zip


  • Fixed the bug in SetObjectAcl
  • Removed the log4j dependency and adopted commons-logging

Java SDK (22/09/2015) Version 2.0.6


  • Added the setObjectAcl and getObjectAcl interfaces to configure and obtain the ACL of a specified object
  • Added the ClientConfiguration.setLogLevel interface to set the global log level. By default, the level of Error Code 404 log is set to INFO
  • Added the ClientConfiguration.setSLDEnabled interface to configure whether to enable second-level domain access
  • Added the ClientConfiguration.setSupportCname interface to configure whether a CNAME can be used as an endpoint
  • Output “Invalid Response” error details, and improved the OssException and ClientException error messages
  • Fixed the bug related to setting the bucket default ACL to private;
  • Fixed the bug in chunked encoding supported by “upload part”, and packaged the input stream as a retriable input stream
  • Added webp to the “mime types” list

Java SDK (10/07/2015) Version 2.0.5

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20150710.zip


  • Added support for the Append Object
  • Added HTTPS support
  • Added the encoding-type parameter in the DeleteObject and ListObjects interfaces for users to specify the encoding method for the object name
  • Removed the required check of the date format in the Expires response header, and fixed the issue that the system could not parse Expires response headers not using the GMT date format

Java SDK (29/05/2015) Version 2.0.4

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20150529.zip


  • Added STS support
  • Added a test Demo Jar. For specific usage, see Readme.txt in the demo folder
  • Modified the CreateBucket logic to allow users to specify the bucket ACL during bucket creation
  • Modified the bucket name check rules to allow operations on existing buckets with underlines, but not the creation of buckets with underlines
  • Optimized the HTTP connection pool, enhancing its concurrent processing capability

Java SDK (24/04/2015) Version 2.0.3

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20150424.zip


  • Added the deleteObjects interface to delete object lists by batch
  • Added the doesObjectExist interface to identify whether the object under a specified bucket exists
  • Added the switchCredentials interface to replace the credentials of an existing OSSClient instance
  • Added the OSSClient constructor with CredentialsProvider to allow for more extension and customization of CredentialsProvider;
  • Fixed the bug that occurred when the Source Key of the copyObject interface contains a + sign
  • Adjusted the display format of the OSSException/ClientException information

Java SDK (23/03/2015) Version 2.0.2

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20150323.zip


  • Added the GeneratePostPolicy/calculatePostSignature interfaces to generate the Policy string and Post signature for Post requests
  • Supported the bucket lifecycle
  • Added the URL signature-based Put/GetObject overload interface
  • Supported data upload for PutObject and UploadPart in the Chunked-encoding method
  • Fixed several bugs

Java SDK (15/01/2015) Version 2.0.1

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20150115.zip


  • Supported CNAME to allow users to specify which domain names are retained
  • Supported user-specified ContentType and ContentMD5 during URI generation
  • Fixed the issue that CopyObject requests do not support server-side encryption
  • Changed the UserAgent format
  • Expanded the location constant and added some samples

Java SDK (13/11/2014)

Download Java SDK: aliyun_java_sdk_20141113.zip

Newly added: Upload Part Copy feature OSS Java SDK source code Example code

Note: In Version 2.0.0, the OSS Java SDK removed the OTS-related code in previous versions, adjusted the package structure, and added the OSS SDK source code and example code. Programs developed using a version earlier than 2.0.0 must change the referenced package name when using version 2.0.0. The package names com.aliyun.openservices.* and com.aliyun.openservices.oss.* are changed to com.aliyun.oss.*.

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