You can store the video captured by the camera to the on-cloud OSS. However, following are a few limitations:

  • Owing to the high risk of the AccessKey ID and AccessKeySecret leak, both cannot be stored permanently on the device.
  • The device only allows file uploads and downloads and does not allow administrative permissions such as deletion or configuration changes.
  • Webpages are available to manage your own videos.
  • Precise control over the device permission is provided.
  • The permission for the device has a validity period and thus, the device cannot be held permanently.
  • The video files output by the camera is expected to be viewed directly through the HLS protocol.

To provide solutions to the preceding problems, we have launched the OSS MEDIA C SDK built, based on the OSS C SDK version that offers better and convenient solutions for the audio and video industry.

  • This article describes how to install and use the OSS MEDIA C SDK and is applicable to the OSS MEDIA C SDK V2.0.1.
  • This article assumes that you have activated Alibaba Cloud OSS and created an AccessKey ID and AccessKeySecret.
  • If you have not activated or do not know about Alibaba Cloud OSS, log on to the OSS Product Homepage for more information.
  • If you have not created an AccessKey ID and AccessKeySecret, go to Alibaba Cloud Access Key Management to create the AccessKey.

Download the SDK

  • Linux (02/03/2016) V2.0.2
    Note The OSS MEDIA C SDK does not support Windows.
  • Compatibility

    SDKs of 1.x.x versions are not compatible with the list-related interfaces after the interfaces change, but are compatible with the other interfaces.