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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017

Install the SDK


  • You must have an active Alibaba Cloud OSS account. You must create an AccessKey ID and an AccessKey Secret. Go to Alibaba Cloud AccessKey Management to create an AccessKey.

  • To activate Alibaba Cloud OSS or to have more information about Alibaba Cloud OSS, log on to OSS product homepage to learn more.

  • If you have not installed Go’s compiling and running environment, see Install Go to download and install the compiling and running environment.

    Download and install Go’s compiling and running environment. After Go is installed, set the GOPATH variable correctly. For more information about GOPATH, run the go help gopath command.

Install the SDK through GitHub

Run the go get github.com/aliyun/aliyun-oss-go-sdk/oss command to install OSS Go SDK.


  • For Windows, run the installation command in cmd. For Linux/Mac, run the command on the terminal.

  • No messages are printed to the interface during installation. Be patient. In case of installation time-out, run Go get again.


Run example project

  • Download the code file. Download the OSS Go SDK code from GitHub.

  • Modify the configuration items of endpoint, AccessKeyId, AccessKeySecret, and BucketName in sample/config.go.

  • Run go run sample.go.

Example content

The example code of the Go SDK is under the sample directory. Address: GitHub.

The example includes the following content:

Example file Example content
new_bucket.go Demonstrates how to initialize the client and bucket
put_object.go Demonstrates simple upload and resumable upload usage
append_object.go Demonstrates append upload usage
get_object.go Demonstrates stream download, download by range and resumable download usage
delete_object.go Demonstrates methods to delete a single object and delete objects by batch
copy_object.go Demonstrates object copy and resumable copy usage
list_objects.go Demonstrates object listing usage including listing by default parameters and listing by specified parameters
object_meta.go Demonstrates how to set and read object metadata (Object Meta)
object_acl.go Demonstrates how to set and read object ACL (Object ACL)
cname_sample.go Demonstrates CNAME usage
create_bucket.go Demonstrates how to create a bucket
list_buckets.go Demonstrates bucket listing usage, including listing by default parameters and listing by specified parameters
bucket_acl.go Demonstrates how to read/set bucket ACL (Access control)
bucket_referer.go Demonstrates how to set/read/clear bucket whitelist (Anti-leech settings)
bucket_logging.go Demonstrates how to set/read/clear bucket logs (Set access logging)
bucket_lifecycle.go Demonstrates how to set/read/clear lifecycles of objects in the bucket (Manage object lifecycle)
bucket_cors.go Demonstrates how to set/read/clear CORS of the bucket (Cross-origin resource sharing)
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