This topic is written for the C SDK 3.9.1.


  • For SDKs 3.*.*: compatible.

  • For SDKs 2.*.* :

    • Compatible with Windows
    • Compatible with Linux APIs and incompatible with the following linked list (aos_list_t) traversal APIs:
      • aos_list_for_each_entry
      • aos_list_for_each_entry_reverse
      • aos_list_for_each_entry_safe
      • aos_list_for_each_entry_safe_reverse
  • For SDK 1.0.0: compatible except the following structures and API operations:

    • oss_request_options_t
    • oss_get_object_to_buffer
    • oss_get_object_to_file
    • oss_get_object_to_buffer_by_url
    • oss_get_object_to_file_by_url
    • oss_init_multipart_upload
    • oss_complete_multipart_upload
  • For SDKs 0.0.* : incompatible.

SDK source code

For the C SDK source code, visit GitHub.

Sample code

The C SDK provides a variety of sample code for your reference or use. The following table describes the sample code provided.

Sample file Content
oss_put_object_sample Upload objects
oss_get_object_sample.c Download objects
oss_append_object_sample.c Append upload
oss_multipart_upload_sample.c Multipart upload
oss_resumable_sample.c Resumable Upload and Resumable download
oss_head_object_sample.c Manage object metadata
oss_list_object_sample.c List objects
oss_delete_object_sample.c Delete objects
oss_callback_sample.c Upload callback
oss_progress_sample.c Upload progress bars and Download progress bars
oss_crc_sample.c CRC for object uploads and downloads
oss_image_sample.c Image Processing (IMG)