The OSS Developer Guide has introduced Mobile Terminal Development and Uploading Scenario. Taking this scenario as an example, how to use SDK to perform some common operations on Android, that is the OssDemo is introduced in the following document. It includes:

  • How to use the application server (STS) which has been set up
  • How to use SDK to upload a file
  • How to use the image service

Here, we assume you have certain knowledge about OSS mobile development scenarios and STS (Security Token Service).


Since the development is based on Android, you are required to be equipped with the following:

  1. Activate the OSS. For more information, see Quick Start.
  2. Set up an application server. For more information, see Setting up Direct Data Transfer for Mobile Apps.
  3. Prepare the Android development environment. Android Studio is used in this scenario. Here, we do not mention the steps or procedure involved in using the Android Studio. This is because, instructions to use the Andriod Studio are easily available on the Internet.
  4. Download the source code of OssDemo. You can take a trial by yourself, after installation. For more information on how to implement the preceding common operations, see the source code analysis.
  5. Open the OSS Android SDK Documentation provided by OSS for reference.