This document provides a brief introduction of how to use the SDK to perform operations in Android (OssDemo)

for OSS-based app development. You can perform the following operations by using OssDemo:

  • Use an existing app server
  • Use the SDK to upload an object
  • Use Image Processing (IMG)

Before you use OssDemo, we recommend that you obtain some basic knowledge about STS and OSS-based app development.


The development example is based on Android. You are required to make the following preparations:

  1. Activate OSS. For more information, see Get started with Object Storage Service.
  2. Set up an app server. For more information, see Set up direct data transfer for mobile apps.
  3. Prepare the Android development environment. Android Studio is used in this scenario. Instructions for using Android Studio are available on the Internet.
  4. Click here to download the source code of OssDemo. For more information about how to implement the preceding common operations, see the source code analysis.
  5. Follow the OSS Android SDK document to install the Android SDK. For more information, see Installation.