If you do not need to store uploaded files any longer, delete them to avoid further fees. You can delete a single file or multiple files on the OSS console.

  • The deleted file cannot be recovered. Perform this operation with caution.
  • You can delete up to 1000 files at a time on the console.
  • If you want to delete only the selected files or perform batch deletion in a larger volume, follow the procedures in API or SDK documents. For more information, see the relevant sections of the ~~31862~~#concept_g42_bhd_5db.
  • API: See DeleteObject and DeleteMultipleObjects.
  • SDK: See Delete multiple objects in Java SDK  - Manage objects.


  1. Log on to the OSS console.
  2. Click to open the target bucket.
  3. Click Files.
  4. Select one or multiple files, and then click Delete.
  5. Click OK.