Bucket overview

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017

All files of Alibaba Cloud OSS are stored in buckets. A bucket is a unit for managing the stored files. All objects must belong to a bucket. You can set the attributes of a bucket for region and file access control and file lifecycle management. These attributes apply to all files in the bucket. Therefore, you can create different buckets to implement different management functions flexibly.

The storage space in a bucket is non-hierarchical, i.e., it lacks the features of file systems, such as directories. Therefore, all files are directly affiliated with their corresponding buckets. However, you can group, classify, and manage relevant files by folders.

The bucket overview page includes the following content.

bucket overview

SN Content Description
1 Bucket Overview View the basic information of the bucket, including the resource usage, domain name, and configuration information.
2 Bucket Settings View and modify the properties of the bucket.
3 Object View and manage the files and folders in a bucket.
4 Fragment View and delete file fragments caused by multipart upload.
5 Task View the file upload status.
6 Image Processing Enable/disable image service and manage image styles.
7 Real-time Monitoring View the statistics of OSS requests.
8 OSS Domain Name View the domain names and bind the custom domain name.
9 Basic Configuration View the bucket configurations, and click the corresponding links to view and modify the configurations.
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