Image Processing

For introduction and more information about functions, see Image Processing.

Media Processing

Media Processing is a transcoding computing service for multimedia data. It provides an economic, easy-to-use, elastic, and highly scalable method for conversion of audio and video stored on OSS into formats suitable for playing on PCs, TVs, or mobile devices.

Media Processing was constructed based on Alibaba Cloud computing services. In the past, users had to make a high investment to purchase, build, and manage transcoding software and hardware, and perform complex configuration optimization, transcoding parameter adaptation, and other operations. Media Processing has transformed everything. It has enhanced the elasticity of cloud computing services. Media Processing offers transcoding capabilities to fulfill business transcoding demands to its extreme and also curbs the wastage of resources.

Media Processing functions include the Web management console, service APIs, and SDKs.  Users can use and manage Media Processing and integrate transcoding functions into their own apps and services.

Media Processing function list

  • Transcoding
  • Pipelines
  • Screenshot
  • Media information
  • Watermark
  • Preset templates
  • Custom templates
  • Video clip output
  • Resolution scaling
  • M3U8 custom segment length output
  • Audio/Video extraction
  • Video image rotation
  • Video-to-GIF conversion

For introduction and more information about functions, see Media Processing documentation.